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What is Brod Kvas?

Brod Kvas is a naturally fermented beverage made from all natural, organic and wild harvested ingredients by a lactic acid fermentation that fills it with live probiotic cultures. 

 Kvas is an ancient beverage made from a variety of ingredients using lactic acid fermentation, sometimes combined with yeast. It is packed with living probiotic cultures – billions per bottle – and beloved in its traditional homelands for its refreshing and thirst-quenching qualities. 

 Kvas is believed to have originated in Babylon around 5,000 years ago. From there it spread to Byzantium and then followed the trade routes north into Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. 

 The earliest kvas was made from fruit. Through the ages, many ingredients have been used as a base, including berries, vegetables and grains. Rye bread eventually became the most popular ingredient and has endured until this day.


Why should I drink Brod Kvas?

Because it tastes great! 

Beyond that, scientists are finding more and more evidence for the benefits of fermented foods and supporting gut health. As a good source of live probiotic cultures, Brod Kvas may help promote better health. Good gut health has been linked to a wide range of benefits to both physical and mental health. The other ingredients in Brod® Kvas – coffee, rosebuds, cardamom, beetroot and ginger – have been selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as their flavour. 


Why is Brod Kvas unpasteurized?

Brod Kvas is 100% raw. Pasteurization (heat treatment) would kill all the lovely probiotic cultures and enzymes.



Why is Brod Kvas sold in amber bottles?

Brod Kvas uses amber bottles to protect the living probiotic cultures from the effects of UV and fluorescent lighting in refrigerators.


Does Brod Kvas contain caffeine?

Brod Brown is made with cold-brewed coffee, but most of the caffeine is metabolized during fermentation. The other varieties of Brod Kvas are caffeine free.


Is sugar added to Brod Kvas?

Organic raw cane sugar is added to kvas during brewing to feed the living cultures that produce fermentation. The fermentation process converts a large part of the sugar into lactic acid. The residual sugar is essential for maintaining healthy living probiotic cultures in the bottle.


Is Brod Kvas vegan?

No animal products or by-products are used to make Brod Kvas.


How much Brod Kvas should I drink daily?

 Every kvas drinker is different: if you have any concerns, start off slowly. In the kvas homelands of Eastern Europe, people drink as much as they want each day. Kvas is less acidic than other fermented beverages and therefore easier on the stomach and teeth.


Does Brod Kvas need to be refrigerated?

Yes! Brod Kvas is a raw, living product and much be kept chilled. Keep it in the fridge at all times.

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