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Brod® Kvas is kvas reimagined, a naturally fermented beverage made from all natural, organic and wild harvested ingredients combining traditional lactic acid fermentation methods with a fantastically light and refreshing flavour.

Every bottle of our kvas is packed full of billions of living probiotic cultures – billions of reasons why you should try Brod Kvas today!

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Our fermentation process packs natural sparkle and billions of probiotic lactic acid bacteria cultures into every bottle. Brewed in small batches for maximum flavour, Brod® Kvas is always a completely natural, delicious, raw, living drink that is equally great on its own or with food. 

“Good” bacteria are essential for the human body to function properly. Probiotic bacteria are “healthy” bacteria that are believed to support gut health and vital digestive functions, as well as beneficially influencing other bodily processes. Everyday life – stress, pollution, poor diet – can knock your gut bacteria off balance. Consuming probiotic foods like Brod kvas may help keep your gut functioning optimally. 

We believe natural is always the best choice, which is why Brod Kvas is always:

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· Naturally fermented · Organic and wild harvested ingredients · Vegan · Billions of live probiotic cultures per bottle · Naturally sparkling

· Nothing artificial · No sweeteners · No GMO · No caffeine (except Brod Brown) · No lactose · No preservatives · BPA free

Brod Kvas is a living product - keep it in the fridge.




Brod original rye

Brod Original Rye® is a refreshing modern take on 5,000 years of Russian tradition. We start with the rich flavours of Russian rye bread, add some sultanas for a little fruitiness, and naturally ferment it the way babushkas have done for centuries.

Brod rose

Brod Rosé® starts with sundried wild rosebuds, used to make a delicious and highly anti-inflammatory tea, set off with aromatic cardamom pods. The fermentation process packs natural sparkle and billions of probiotic lactic acid bacteria cultures into every bottle. The result is a light, highly refreshing beverage with an elegant and sophisticated flavour. 

Rosebuds and cardamom have been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years to boost the immune system and support digestive health.



Brod ruby

Winner - Fermented Foods in the 2019 Healthy Food Guide Awards. 

Brod Ruby® is a unique take on beetroot kvas that does not need any salt for fermentation – no need to limit yourself to shots, you can drink the whole bottle! We made our beetroot kvas even better by adding turmeric and ginger. Turmeric’s benefits are nearly too many to mention: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, along with possible cancer prevention and heart health promotion properties. Ginger is another incredibly beneficial plant shown to reduce inflammation and blood sugar and improve heart risk factors. Meanwhile, the fermentation process packs natural sparkle and billions of probiotic lactic acid bacteria cultures into every bottle.

Brod Ruby brings these superfoods together in a beautifully balanced, luscious red brew. This highly drinkable, deliciously refreshing, life-boosting probiotic beverage is our lowest sugar variety – under 2% – and is outstanding on its own or with food. .

Brod Green

The many health benefits of hemp have been in the news recently. We met local organic hemp growers Beefy Green at Christchurch Farmers Market and thought their sustainably farmed, Canterbury-grown hemp would make a perfect match for New Zealand’s own superfood – manuka. Fermentation put a natural sparkle and billions of probiotic lactic acid bacteria cultures into every bottle. The result is a low sugar, easy-drinking, gut-boosting and refreshing brew.

Brod Green® is living, naturally fermented kvas with billions of healthy bacteria per bottle. Studies show that hemp can boost digestive health, reduce stress and fortify your immune system. Manuka is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and skin health benefits, while flavonoid-rich fennel seed has been shown to prevent indigestion and improve brain function. 



brod brown

Brod Brown® was the first of our uniquely flavoured kvasses. The rich flavour of Russian rye bread is combined with cold-brewed coffee (made with locally roasted organic fair-trade beans), cinnamon and cloves. The result is a surprisingly complex, smooth, deep, refreshing and invigorating brew that is equally great on its own or with food.


Brod lemon

Winter or summer, Brod Lemon® is just the ticket. Bursting with citrusy flavour, it will remind you of the best old-fashioned lemonade you ever had, but with greater depth and complexity. The fermentation process packs natural sparkle and billions of probiotic lactic acid bacteria cultures into every bottle. Perfect for a warm evening around the barbecue and packed with live cultures and vitamins for when it gets cold.



What is Brod Kvas?

Brod Kvas is a naturally fermented beverage made from all natural, organic and wild harvested ingredients by a lactic acid fermentation that fills it with live probiotic cultures. 

 Kvas is an ancient beverage made from a variety of ingredients using lactic acid fermentation, sometimes combined with yeast. It is packed with living probiotic cultures – billions per bottle – and beloved in its traditional homelands for its refreshing and thirst-quenching qualities. 

 Kvas is believed to have originated in Babylon around 5,000 years ago. From there it spread to Byzantium and then followed the trade routes north into Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. 

 The earliest kvas was made from fruit. Through the ages, many ingredients have been used as a base, including berries, vegetables and grains. Rye bread eventually became the most popular ingredient and has endured until this day.


Why should I drink Brod Kvas?

Because it tastes great! 

Beyond that, scientists are finding more and more evidence for the benefits of fermented foods and supporting gut health. As a good source of live probiotic cultures, Brod Kvas may help promote better health. Good gut health has been linked to a wide range of benefitsto both physical and mental health. The other ingredients in Brod Kvas – coffee, rosebuds, cardamom, beetroot and ginger – have been selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as their flavour. 


Why is Brod Kvas unpasteurized?

Brod Kvas is 100% raw. Pasteurization (heat treatment) would kill all the lovely probiotic cultures and enzymes.

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Why is Brod Kvas sold in amber bottles?

Brod Kvas uses amber bottles to protect the living probiotic cultures from the effects of UV and fluorescent lighting in refrigerators.


Does Brod Kvas contain caffeine?

Brod Brown is made with cold-brewed coffee, but most of the caffeine is metabolized during fermentation. The other varieties of Brod Kvas are caffeine free.


Is sugar added to Brod Kvas?

Organic raw cane sugar is added to kvas during brewing to feed the living cultures that produce fermentation. The fermentation process converts a large part of the sugar into lactic acid. The residual sugar is essential for maintaining healthy living probiotic cultures in the bottle.


Is Brod Kvas vegan?

No animal products or by-products are used to make Brod® Kvas.


How much Brod Kvas should I drink daily?

 Every kvas drinker is different: if you have any concerns, start off slowly. In the kvas homelands of Eastern Europe, people drink as much as they want each day. Kvas is less acidic than other fermented beverages and therefore easier on the stomach and teeth.


Does Brod Kvas need to be refrigerated?

Yes! Brod Kvas is a raw, living product and much be kept chilled. Keep it in the fridge at all times.

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 Did you know that up to 20% of your body by weight is bacteria? All of us live symbiotically with trillions of microorganisms. These bacteria play a particularly vital role is the digestive system, where they help us digest food and extract nutrition. These bacteria - called “microbiome” - can be damaged by stress, poor diet, pollution or the aftereffects of illness and medical treatment.


Probioticsare a special group of ‘healthy’ bacteria that you can eat or drink and which may help to support a thriving microbiome and improve gut function. Having a healthy microbiome is also known to have benefits beyond the gut, supporting the immune system and mental wellbeing.

Scientists are continuing more and more research into the benefits of probiotics. Studies show that probiotics reduce systemic inflammation, a leading cause of disease. They may improve certain skin disorders and even lower cholesterol. A link between gut health, mood and mental health has also been discovered. 

Brod Kvas contains more probiotic cultures than many other fermented drinks. Unlike kombucha, which is made by aerobic fermentation (meaning it needs oxygen), kvas is made by anaerobic fermentation, which means its bacterial cultures stay healthy and viable in a sealed bottle.

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