Did you know that up to 20% of your body by weight is bacteria? All of us live symbiotically with trillions of microorganisms. These bacteria play a particularly vital role is the digestive system, where they help us digest food and extract nutrition. These bacteria - called “microbiome” - can be damaged by stress, poor diet, pollution or the aftereffects of illness and medical treatment.


Probioticsare a special group of ‘healthy’ bacteria that you can eat or drink and which may help to support a thriving microbiome and improve gut function. Having a healthy microbiome is also known to have benefits beyond the gut, supporting the immune system and mental wellbeing.

Scientists are continuing more and more research into the benefits of probiotics. Studies show that probiotics reduce systemic inflammation, a leading cause of disease. They may improve certain skin disorders and even lower cholesterol. A link between gut health, mood and mental health has also been discovered. 

Brod Kvas contains more probiotic cultures than many other fermented drinks. Unlike kombucha, which is made by aerobic fermentation (meaning it needs oxygen), kvas is made by anaerobic fermentation, which means its bacterial cultures stay healthy and viable in a sealed bottle.

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