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5000 years of tradition reborn in New Zealand

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Billions of reasons why…

Brod Kvas is a unique fusion of fermenting traditions dating from 5000 years ago in ancient Babylon, fused with innovating contemporary flavours. More and more people are rediscovering the health boosting and taste enhancing benefits of fermentation, and searching for better alternatives to sugary soft drinks, juices and alcohol.

Brod Kvas is a modern, lighter, more refreshing and uniquely flavoured take on kvass. Naturally fermented from the finest ingredients, we never use anything artificial. Our kvas is always raw and unpasteurised, with billions of healthy living cultures in every bottle. Billions of reasons to drink Brod Kvas.

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It all started when…

We moved from Russia to New Zealand in late 2013. Our new home’s natural wonders and outstanding resources inspired us to create a fresh take on one of the world’s oldest fermented beverages – so in 2016 we established The Kvas Company, New Zealand’s first and only authentic kvas brewer.

The many years spent brewing kvas at home for our family formed the basis for months of experimentation. We aimed to bring authentic brewing traditions together with concerns for sustainability, naturalness and better living. Our work bore fruit in Brod® Kvas - a truly unique range of kvas combining classic rye bread and beetroot kvasses with contemporary, sophisticated flavours that are light and amazingly refreshing.

The name Brod comes from the root of the Russian word for fermentation, while the plaited ring Brod Kvas logo is inspired by the karavay – the traditional Russian bread offered to guests as a symbol of welcome and hospitality.

Brod Kvas is dedicated to using the highest quality, premium natural ingredients to produce the best tasting, raw, living kvas for your enjoyment and sustenance.

We believe that nothing but natural will do. We take organic and wild-harvested ingredients with minimal processing – sundried rosebuds, locally roasted fair trade coffee, organic beetroot – and ferment them in small batches, the way kvas has been made for 5,000 years – to brew a truly authentic product. Real food, prepared as slowly as it takes, with no corners cut. We will continue to follow these principles as we bring Brod Kvas to the rest of the world.

Every bottle of Brod Kvas is packed with billions of living cultures, billions of reasons to drink Brod Kvas!

Jack and Sabina Bristow

Founders, The Kvas Company

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